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Electrical Failure RepairBecause electricity is the lifeblood of modern retail establishments and an occasional failure is inevitable, prompt, efficient electrical failure repair is an absolutely essential part of any disaster recovery plan. Today’s businesses rely on electronics for everything from heating and air conditioning to checkout, customer billing and ordering merchandise. If perishables are involved, loss of refrigeration can be devastating and immediate electrical failure repair can save thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory. That’s why All-Rite Facility Services and our staff of highly trained, licensed electricians stands ready to provide electrical failure repair quickly and efficiently whenever it is required.Electrical Failure Repair Specifically for businesses

Business owners are under extreme pressure to complete electrical failure repair projects as quickly as possible. Without electronic communication between businesses and their suppliers, for example, the supply chain, which often relies on just-in-time critical inventory replacement, is disrupted.In addition, the business environment requires the electrical failure repair contractor to be sensitive to many other factors that other repair professionals never have to deal with. The needs of not only store management and employees, but also those of mall management and other nearby stores must be taken into account. At the same time, the needs of customers and the effects of electrical failure repair on location and availability of merchandise must also be considered.

Because All-Rite Facility Services specializes in commercial construction, we are not only able to provide electrical failure repair services quickly, but we also have the tools and knowledge to effectively handle all types of electrical failure repair projects.

Advantages of Local Electrical Failure Repair

When it comes to electrical failure repair, local contractors such as All-Rite Facility Services have a distinct advantage over national contractors, especially when electrical failure repair projects require issuance of local permits, which can significantly delay completion. For one thing, local contractors build close and continuing relationships with building officials, suppliers and subcontractors through repeated projects. These relationships give retailers an important edge in completing electrical failure repair projects on time and on budget by leveraging these local resources. Also, by using the cloud to access the software needed to manage our electrical failure repair projects, we are able to combine the advantages of dealing with a local contractor with those of using a larger firm capable of utilizing advanced technology to improve its ability to meet budget and deadline requirements.

All-Rite Facility Services provides electrical failure repair services throughout New Jersey and the New York Metro area. We have been servicing commercial industries for over 30 years and are long-standing members of the Retail Contractors Association (RCA), an important consideration for clients requiring electrical failure repair services.

We have the ability to quickly board up store fronts and get business up and running regardless of the extent of electrical failure repair required. Within hours of notification, we can also provide emergency services such as:

  • 24/7 Emergency on-call service
  • Building code violation resolution
  • Temporary power sources
  • HVAC and refrigeration repairs

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