Facility Services

We never compromise on safety, quality, or reliability, no matter how large or small the project. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve our clients’
challenges quickly, effectively and efficiently.

A brief overview of our most popular services includes:

Emergency Work

Relax—we’ll take care of any problem, anytime, anywhere in our territory.

General Construction and Maintenance Services

Do you maintain a long list of people and companies that provide commercial building maintenance services? Do you need to call one source for carpentry, another for painting and still another for general handyman services Read more >

Storm/Water Damage Services

As storms along the East Coast become more severe and more frequent, many retail establishments are facing the need for storm and water damage restoration. Even inland areas never before susceptible to flooding now require storm and water damage repair services. Read more>

Plumbing Emergencies Services

Our licensed and certified professional plumbers are always on call for any emergency plumbing repair services. They are reliable and will solve your emergency plumbing repair problems quickly and efficiently. Read more>

Fire Damage Services

Even when detected early, a building fire can cause extensive damage in a brief period of time, leaving the building owner faced with the need for emergency fire damage repair. Read more>

Electrical Failures

Because electricity is the lifeblood of modern retail establishments and an occasional failure is inevitable, prompt, efficient electrical failure repair is an absolutely essential part of any disaster recovery plan. Read more>

Structural Damage Services

Any number of conditions, from accidents to ice and snow accumulation to wind and other severe weather, can create the need for building structural damage repair. Read more>

Green Technologies

With the challenges of today’s energy costs, companies are looking for smart solutions and All-Rite Facility Services has the solutions!

All-Rite Facility Services works with the latest technologies and practices in energy conservation that can save up to 30% off your electric bill. By doing a company wide analysis and implementation of key energy saving practices you can save substantial dollars. Call today for a free consultation by one of our energy experts.

– Lighting Upgrades (longer life/less energy)
– Compressor Optimizer (save up to 30% on HVAC & others)
– Motor Controls (Escalators/fans/conveyors)
– Energy consulting/Evaluations (determine best solutions for you)
– Grid Solutions (devices installed at power source)
– Recycle materials (saves the environment)
– Solar Solutions (smart use of vacant roof space)

We offer a full range of services for even the most demanding facilities—loading docks, specialized warehouse flooring, high-speed roll-up doors, noise reducing sound walls, pallet racking and more services.

If you’d like to know more about our All-Rite Facility Services or any of the services we offer,
please contact  us at All-Rite Facility Services.