Storm and water damage repair: understanding the dangers of water damage

Water Damage Repair - All Rite Commercial Construction

Water Damage Repair – All-Rite Facility Services

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy made landfall and wreaked havoc along the eastern seaboard. Coastal New Jersey, famed for their shore and boardwalks, was particularly hard hit. Businesses, buildings and homes found themselves submerged under water and the undertaking of storm and water damage repair proved to be great, even two years after the initial impact. When dealing with water damage it is important to understand what needs to be done, and how repairs must progress to ensure the building is safe.

Mold from Storm and Water Damage

When water damage hits it is important to consider potential mold. Mold thrives in warm, moist climates. Buildings with heat and trapped water are breading grounds for dangerous and toxic mold. In order to deal with such damage, it is important to hire a trained professional who has experience in water damage and mold remediation. Mold remediation includes the removal of soaked items and materials. Then, the specialist uses fans and other devices to dry out the space. Finally, mold spores are removed through specialized techniques to ensure the safety of those who inhabit the building.

Electrical Damage From Storm and Water Damage

Aside from toxic mold anyone who has suffered storm damage must deal with potential electrical problems, as well. Wires that are exposed to water must be replaced to ensure the system is safe. Wires and cables that are exposed to floodwater and moisture may be damaged by corrosion and mildew. This problem is especially pronounced in wires that have been exposed to saltwater flooding. When water enters the wires and cables it contaminates the structure of the system. It can lead to catastrophic failure and even fire if not properly dealt with.

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Storm Damage Repair Services - All-Rite Commercial Construction

Storm Damage Repair Services – All-Rite Facility Services

Foundation Concerns after Water Damage

Finally buildings or homes that have been subjected to water or storm damage should have their foundation checked. Foundations can be compromised by flood waters, as it can damage the wood leading to a safety hazard. The soil around the foundation will also expand and contract, which can lead to cracks in the foundation.

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